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Sullivan County, NY

water / sewer

This project was assisted by a grant from the Upper Delaware Council, Narrowsburg, NY 12764

Water and Sewer

Eagle Capital of New York State

Narrowsburg Water and

Sewer Department

210 Bridge St.
Narrowsburg, NY 12764
Phone/Fax: (845) 252-7376

Mailing Address:

210 Bridge St.
P.O. Box 195
Narrowsburg, NY 12764


Dominic Hillard, Water and Sewer Superintendent
Tom Guiser, Deputy

Karen Valenti, Clerk

Operates and maintains the Narrowsburg Water system and Waste water Treatment Plant.  

There are six pump stations and an estimated 13 miles of sewer collection system designed for .6 million gallons per day.  The operators maintain the town’s sewer lines.  The sewer plant is open Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00 lunch is 12-1.  Friday 8:00-Noon.  * need to edit *


Sewer Account Update Request Form

Sewer Account Information Request

Sewer Connection Line Specifications

Sewer Connection Application

Sewer Connection Completion Certification



Narrowsburg Sewer District Billing Office:

Karen Valenti, Clerk
Phone: (845) 252-7146 prompt 9
Fax: (845) 252-7509

Sewer bills are sent out quarterly; January, April, July and October.  *Edit- At the end of the year any unpaid bills are relevied on the next years property tax bill.  *Edit

Public Service Announcements: (click on each to open) 

You tube video:  How the sewer system works - starting with your toilet:

What Not to Flush

Flush Only Toilet Paper

Information on Sewage Pollution