​​​Town of Tusten                         Eagle Capital of New York State

Sullivan County, NY​  

Town of Tusten Comprehensive Plan

Members of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee

  • Peter Manning Consultant of Genius Loci Planning
  • Jane Luchsinger, Chair 845-252-3864
  • Elaine Giguerre, Secretary
  • Kenneth Baim 
  • Ben Johnson 
  • Jim Crowley 
  • Crystal Weston 
  • Mike Farrell
  • Art Hawker


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2020 Comprehensive Plan Committee

Meeting Minutes:

Part 1

   Part 2

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

​ A comprehensive plan is an official document adopted by a local government

that identifies the goals, objectives, principles, guidelines, policies, standards,

and strategies for the growth and development of the community. It serves as

a blueprint for the community when setting policies such as zoning and building

codes. It also recommends ways to achieve the community’s desires. It should

be inclusive, long-range, and easy to use. 

The Process:

The Process Since the Comprehensive Plan should be a vision of what a community

is to be in the future, the process of developing this plan should be a community-

wide effort. All interest groups should have a part in determining what this vision

should be. The Town of Tusten government appointed a group of concerned citizens,

Planning Board members, and Zoning Board of Appeals members to sit on the

Comprehensive Planning Committee and engaged the Sullivan County Division of

Planning and Environmental Management to help develop this Comprehensive Plan.

The first phase of the process consisted of collecting available data on the social and

physical aspects of the Town while engaging citizen participation. After analyzing all

existing data and taking input from the citizenry into consideration, goals and

objectives were developed. These goals and objectives form the foundation of the Plan.