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Sullivan County, NY

Eagle Capital of New York State

The People Who Make it Happen
(You know who you are)
They save our lives, they plant our flowers.
They work for free for many hours.
They sort our books, they pick up our litter
and I've never seen them be bitter.
They feed our needy, they help the churches,
they never leave you in any lurches.
They help our town in every way and never ask for any pay.
They are all around us in every way and we should thank them every day!

~ by Bernie Creamer;
a Narrowsburg resident for many years

Tusten Stone Arch Bridge

Ten Mile River, Tusten

The Tusten Stone Arch Bridge was constructed in 1896 by William H. Hankins, a local timber raftsman, stone mason and occasional postmaster. The bridge crosses the Ten Mile River just northeast of its confluence with the Delaware River. It is approximately 52 feet long and 15 feet wide and continues to operate as a single lane vehicle bridge for local traffic. The bridge is named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Tusten, “an American militia volunteer and physician, who was killed as he ministered to the wounded at the Battle of Minisink on July 22, 1779 less than ten mile to the south of this settlement.” (1) The bridge and the surrounding land has been owned by the Boy Scouts of America since 1927 for their use an educational camp. Fortunately, through an agreement with the National Park Service, the bridge is publically accessible along the beginning section of the 3-mile Tusten Mountain Trail, an interesting hike with outstanding Upper Delaware Valley scenery. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



​Please take notice that the Town of Tusten Town Clerk will be accepting SEALED bids for the following project. SUBJECT PROPERTY is located on Crawford Road, SBL #19.A-1-18. There is an abandoned house and two derelict, abandoned vehicles. All debris and the two vehicles shall be removed from the premises and legally disposed of; no burying on the site. Holes in the ground resulting from the removals shall be filled level with non-contaminated, inert fill. This will be done in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations, and the mandates of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York Department of Labor consistent with the presence of asbestos. The area involved is to be graded to ground level and seeded. It will be the responsibility of the contractor to obtain any and all necessary permits. The work is to be completed within sixty (60) days of the bid being awarded, weather permitting. The bids are to be submitted to my office, sealed, with a Non-Collusion Bidding Certificate a copy of which may be obtained at the town clerk’s office.  A current certificate of workman’s compensation insurance, or certification that such coverage is not required; must be submitted no later than five (5) days following the award of the bid. Said bids shall be mailed or delivered to the Office of the Town Clerk, 210 Bridge Street, P.O. Box 195, Narrowsburg NY 12764 clearly marked “DEMOLITION BID” no later than 2:00 PM on Thursday, December 7, 2017. Any bid received after this date and time will not be considered. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 6:30 pm. The bid, if awarded, shall be assigned. No bid received may be withdrawn by any bidder for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of bid opening. The bid will be awarded by the Town Board to the lowest responsible bidder. In cases where two (2) or more responsible bidders submit identical bids as to price, the Town Board may award the bid to either of such bidders. The Town Board may reject all bids and re-advertise for new bids in its discretion. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Crystal Weston, Town Clerk Town of Tusten Sullivan County, New York



Town of Tusten

210 Bridge Street

PO Box 195

Narrowsburg, NY 12764




DECEMBER 9, 2017



photos by Kelly Dean 

Town of Tusten Regular Meetings Schedule:

Regular Town Board Meetings- 2nd Tuesday of every month at  6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Planning Board Meetings- 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Zoning Board Meetings -1st Monday of every month at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Justice Courtis held every Thursday at 5 PM unless otherwise noted.


The Town of Tusten is requesting quotes for the repair of a portion of a second story steep roof on the town hall in Narrowsburg, NY.

There is an approximate 6'x6' portion of the steep roof on the town hall that needs immediate repair. The underlayment of the shingles has been compromised and the sheeting underneath will need to be replaced as well as the shingles. The contractor will attempt to replace the existing shingles with new shingles that will match in color and shade as closely as possible. The contractor will obtain the necessary permits from the building inspector and will ensure compliance with all NYS labor and OSHA laws while performing this work. All work must be completed within 60 days of the granting bid. Needs to be in by December 12, 2017.


Ode to the Volunteers


This project was assisted by a grant from the Upper Delaware Council, Narrowsburg, NY 12764